The Diverse Duties of a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer is a legal professional that represents clients in many different kinds of cases. In this instance,The Diverse Duties of a Family Lawyer Articles the descriptive title is the smallest detail in a field that is exceptionally diverse.

The attorney is tasked with and entitled to deal with issues that come from unions such as civil or marital ones. A marriage and the legal issues that come with it are naturally included in the scope of a family lawyer. The outcome of such unions, like children and property, are also part and parcel of this specialty. Annulment and divorce comprise a big part of the cases that come across a family attorney’s desk. These are likely to be connected to alimony, child custody and support, annulment and the settlement of each spouse’s joint properties and belongings. The ugly side of a marriage or a domestic partnership is also dealt with here. These firms also address abuse of either a spouse or a child within a union. These attorneys may also resolve the legitimacy of a child, getting a surrogate or surrogacy, the adoption process and other connected aspects of this, and even the kidnapping of a minor.

This type of attorney might Law firm in NSW also be retained by a particular family to deal with the legal aspects of their business and their affairs within it. Legal matters that separate and give properties to the children and other relatives may also be addressed.


The responsibilities of the family lawyer includes, but are not limited to, the assessment of the current case, giving sound legal recommendations, options and advice to his clients, drafting and filing the necessary documents for the pursuit of a case in court, and the representation of his client in settlement meetings and court appearances. There may be other responsibilities that the attorney might take up, such as appointing experts to prove something for his client, and arguing with the opposing party in regards to the settlement that his client is entitled to. In some cases, it is the legal representative himself who drafts the settlement demands of his client in lieu of the preferences and demands of the party. The basis of such demands may be the source of income of the other party as well as the properties that belong to him.

These are just some of the responsibilities and roles that a family lawyer may take up once he is hired. Other roles and responsibilities can be added to these upon the agreement between the client and the attorney.